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Hi! I am  Dr Anjali  Sangwan. I blog for parents. Those who are deeply in love with their children, but get overwhelmed along the way. I give them encouragement to build a more fulfilling parent-child relationship.

I believe in the need to wrap children with more and more love.

The need to nourish not only their bodies, but also their souls.

The need to amplify commonplace joys, not just top grades.

The need to interfere less with their choices, and let them be on their own sometimes.

The need to understand their pace of growth, not fast forward it for our dreams.

The need to create a home that accepts them, without being judgmental.

I am here to help you;  whatever be the dynamics of the relationship with your children. To make a change for the better. Even if it is just a little bit.

My life story:

I live in India with my husband and two darling daughters, H (9 years) and L (8years). After H and L came into the world, I turned Mother full-time.

In my previous life as Assistant Professor, with a PhD degree in English Literature,  I absorbed a few lessons. Flexibility and patience are the premium learnings I bring to my own parenting responsibilities and share them on the blog.

My big transition from academia to blogging came when I was on a sabbatical from work to raise my daughters. I wanted to invest substantial time during their founding years; without outsourcing Motherhood. I have been hooked ever since.

Gratitude prayer, yoga, tea, books and music are part of my daily potion. I love to dabble with cooking, gardening and decor. 

I am terrible at Golf; though I am still trying. The genes from my Army bloodline will not let me give up easily.

The two young ladies, whom I am MOTHER to, have taught me that I need to constantly upgrade my parenting skills. And I do that with a compelling enthusiasm. Tantrums and high-voltage drama not withstanding.


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To Parenting and all affiliated challenges !

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